Thursday, 15 November 2007

2 Moons So Far...

I've been playing 2 Moons nearly 1 month and what I would say - It is really a nice game, compared to 9 Dragons. Many common insufficiencies in online game didn't appear here, and to me it is just like the conclusion of improvement of all games I've played so far. Well, at least till now, but I'm not sure about later when I reach higher level.

Compared to other online games, 2 Moons is way of much easier to level. You can gain insane experiences especially during 2x or 3x exp events + all the dungeons giving you extra experience. Just nice! =)

Well, at least till now, I haven't seen any bot or hacker in the game. This is the most crucial things, as it creates a balanced and healthy atmosphere for all players to have a competitive spirit to play on. Not like other games such as SilkRoad Online, it is bot-free game ( at least till now, and I do hope it will maintain this)

Maybe the only thing that players complaint so far is some bugs in the game. Well, no doubts that every game has bug. Hope it can be resolved as soon as possible or otherwise bug exploits will be wide-spread.

Till now, not many players yet in the game, as compared to 9Dragons. But what I wanna say it is very potential to grow into one of the best mmorpg game if every aspect maintained and improved regularly. Give it a try and I'm sure you'll like it. Cya in the game! ^^

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