Saturday, 27 October 2007


Hi All! What's up? =)

Recently there's a new game introduced by my friends. It is called 2 moons, another game under development of Acclaim. Haven't really try out how it is, but here's some descriptions I took from another site. It sounds good, and just after beta-testing.

In 2Moons, players control a single character, and move around the world, completing quests and defeating enemies (which may either be monsters or other players) to gain experience and become more powerful.

When creating a character, players select one of six classes. Each class offers various benefits and drawbacks, as well as access to different weapon, ability, and spell trees. Unlike several other MMORPGs, there exist no races; the only character differentiation is through class. Once selected, character classes are permanent.

Azure Knight: Knights focus on traditional mêlée combat and offensive self-buffs. Knights may choose to focus on dual-wielding weapons, using shields, or using larger, two-handed weapons.

Segnale: Segnale, a humanoid rage, wield Whips of various forms and have a range of effect spells, including curses to weaken enemies and party buffs. They function primarily as healers.

Incar Magician: Magicians focus on 'traditional' offensive spells. They use either Staffs or Wands.

Segita Hunter: Hunters are an archer class, specializing in both long-range combat and close-quarters combat. They can use Crossbows, Bows, and Daggers

Vicious Summoner: Summoners have the ability to summon creatures to aid them. Summoners may specialize in either wielding Staffs or dual blades.

Bagi Warrior: Bagi Warriors function as tank characters, and specialize in the use of buffs and various combos. They use Gauntlets.

There're many systems included in this game, such as pet system, mounting system, pk-system, quest, dungeon, commisional quest, siege wars, dead-front, etc. There's also special events in the scheduled time, which last for 2 hours normally.

Experience points earned in battle vary depending on the level of the monster and the level of the player. Monsters which are five levels or more than the player's level have a display name in red; monsters which are very low in level when compared to the player have a display name in green; monsters that are very close to (or at) the players level have a display name in white. Experience gained from slaying monsters outside of a player's level is modified based on the level difference. Also, Acclaim has put in an advertisement system, which gives the player a 10% experience bonus if it is turned on.

There is currently no penalty for player death other than a 15 second respawn delay. Thus, a player can die without fear of losing any experience or items.

Well, for me I'll give it a try. My friend just finished download the file, and tomorrow I gonna to take from him =)

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