Monday, 14 April 2008

WoW Offline version

WoW here stands for World Of WarCraft, not the shouting wow =P

Recently game trend changes in our apartment here from previously hottest Dota to now World of WarCraft offline Lan game. Well, as said it is offline version, server set by one of my friends and therefore not many players yet in this community.

For about 1 week in this new game, brought from homeland, I think it is quite different from the original WoW online game. Server master aka GM here can set anything from his computer as we wish =D it is really a nice time to have control over all the things in the game, adjusting experience level, drop rate, monster spawning time, dungeon requests, skill editing, etc are all of your choice!

Overall it's a very good game, especially its graphic and characters' appearances. Highly recommended for a group of friends or ppl who stay together in one building where Lan connection is available. Have a great time to enjoy it!

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