Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Successfully Uploaded!

haha testing 1 2 3... =D

This is probably my first post with picture =p Just figure out how it works. Actually I've been trying for a long time using Blogger's ones, but something wrong and failed always when i try to upload picture from my document files.
And thanks to BlueStar, who recommended me to use photobucket, and it works! =)

Ya, so here is my very first picture:

Burj Dubai, the world's tallest building now!
Pic grabbed from
EliteSpace =P good to share right? =P

ya, just realize that World's tallest building is no longer belongs to KL Twin Tower, which mean Malaysia lost one more world's record...well, nothing to be sad or surprise, our world is always progressing and no one can hold something 'best' too long as others can always perform or do better than us anytime.

Compare these building, Just feel amazing that the tallest building is almost double the height of KL Twin Tower... awesome mankind creation!!

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