Sunday, 20 April 2008

Experience and Double Bonus Coins event

2moons 2x experience event is back! After a week of normal experience rate, which is just too bored to grind without any good gaining, weekend double experience event is back! Slight changes in the schedule which now becomes 2 hours earlier than before... argh.. miss it on the first day and only know after the event had ended >.<

Besides experience event, there's also a double-bonus coins event! From 18-20 March, you will get double-bonus Acclaim coins of each packet you purchase. It is a great time for those who wish to buy ingame items and accessories.
I wish too, but due to some problems of paypal, I can't purchase coins from the official website. Have been trying for few weeks and the problem is still there. I think it should be caused by different registered country IP and thus make my paypal unable to use from here.

Long awaited and it is time to let my character to gain some experiences =) Gonna spend some time on game this weekend, stay relax and enjoy for those who play this game as well =)

And also wish all who has a planning in this weekend, All the best and Have fun!

* well for those who don't know what 2Moons means, it is a MMORPG game. To see more, click here. It has all good details about what online game is =)

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