Friday, 18 April 2008

Current 2Moons Review

2Moons has entered a new era recently following the big patch called Bad Moons Rising (BMR). Many of the players think that this is just a normal big patch with some new implementations such as new maps, skills, new dungeon, weapon, armor, mobs.... etc and fortification of new security system called autoban. Actually, there are much more changes other than above-mentioned physical visible changes. As the patch name stated, Bad Moons Rising -- indicating something bad occurences gonna happen in ingame community. After playing for quite some time in this BMR era, many players have noticed the real changes of the game.

First of all, ingame economy is getting worse than before BMR. The price of items, especially silver argates raised to a new tops with 5-6 mil lately from previously 1-2mil. This is mainly due to the changes implemented in the system of dungeon. Before BMR, dungeon gives good profits for those who successfully accomplish it. With one A dungeon, a team will get at least 3 argates. Things changed after BMR, where a team will get only 1 argates, and sometimes not even 1. Inflation in the game kills most of the interest of players to fortify their weapons, and thus make less fun for new players to enjoy the game. Simply they can't afford to buy those stuffs at the beginning except for those who are rich able to buy gold from outside sources.

Second, the drop rate of either items or vouchers became nerfed. I say 'Nerfed' because it's just terrible to describe the current ingame drop rates. It is so hard to find enough vouchers to join Dead Front nowadays, which is the main source of getting insane experience you'd have in high level. I heard from one of the players saying that it is neccessary to spend at least 3 hours to get 20 vouchers for one Dead Front, and if you are soloing, it takes forever... this really sucks, most of the players just have this attitude -forget about it till drop rate improves. Well, it's understable, imagine you spend 3 hours for the colllection of vouchers, and there's bug half way of Dead Front, all your effort will just in vain.

Third, hack and ingame bugs still an issue in this game. Although it is much lesser than before, but still some ppl take this advantages over other players. It's not too difficult to hack into the game folder of client side using hacking softwares, and it can be done just in few minutes for those who know well about the scripts. Botters are the major issue to new players. They take away available mobs and creates unbalance ingame atmosphere for newbies and thus causing them to leave the game eventually. Autoban is good I'd say, but some hack and exploits can still sneak over it easily undetectable.

Changes in mobs aggro and character's skill and damage area another big problem. Although new skills are released, but the mobs aggro and damage are increased as well.

Well, BMR is actually a latest patch delivered from GameHi Korea to Acclaim in order to create a totally new ingame atmosphere. In my opinion, most of the changes yet are not suitable for 2Moons as the game is still not as mature as the one in Korea. In Korea, most of the players in the game have reached level 130+ and changes in the latest patch is solely made for them, not for 2Moons community. It needs more time for these changes as most of the players in 2Moons are only between level 90-120, which make them difficult to adapt and survive following the changes. And all these unfavorable factors will make players leave the game sooner later.

Just simply my personal review about current 2Moons Online Games after viewing various opinions and suggestions in the game forum and private discussion sites. Some changes are needed in order to bring more players to the game and maintain interest for those who have been in the game for months.


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