Thursday, 3 April 2008

BMR Patch Notes

Full Bad Moon Rising Patch is finally out! Check it for the latest changes! =)

From historian, adopted from 2Moons forum
BMR Patch Notes

These are the patch notes given to us, and now given to you. ============================================================================ New Map “Aquirai Ruins” added. ============================================================================ » You can enter the Ruins through Manuell, an NPC located 9 o’clock of North Morte.
» Required level: 130/ Required DIL: 100,000 » Fortress Voucher [for at least 131 Lvl]
» Reward Items for Fortress Voucher donations added (6 food items with buffs, and a Piuma Item)
» The Incar Order is located 3 o’clock of North Morte, and the fixed unit amounts for donating supplies are 10, 50 and 100.
» The Experience gain for Magic Square of Crack has been decreased.
» Numbers of uses changed for Adventurer’s Backpack – Inventory expanded. Buy another one! » “Aquirai Ruins” related balance adjustment.
» New Cash Shop Items Added - The Warehouse Keeper’s Dream: Similar to the Traveler’s Backpack, this item can expand the number of Warehouse inventory slots to a total of four.
» Locking function added to the inventory
» New Map Pilgrimage Space » Mounts Upgraded in Shop
» Exisiting mounts are upgradeable in-game via the stable master. 100k dil for the item.
» New Mount, Aquira Lattice added - Required level: 35 » Promotion for low levels - Quests below level 30 have been revamped with some quests excluded. - Additional Reward Items given for every 10 level-ups (Between 10 and 60) - Help Information System added.
» Information is provided regarding skills and entry to instanced dungeons for each level(up to Level 60)
» Lucky Monster Akris added.
» Search Function for locating NPCs added. » Pet System Cash Shop Item
» Balance for Aquirai Ruins adjusted.
» Coordinates for Monster Respawn partly adjusted.
» Monster balance adjusted. » Item drops adjusted.
» Game Option>View>Damage effect Display setting added.
» “Orphena’s Seal” items all deleted.
» The list of rewards at Dead Front has been revised.
» The list of rewards in Instanced dungeons has been revised and drop rates adjusted.
» Store prices of items adjusted.
» The way to acquire pet items has been revised.
» You can now preview the means of movement items sold at Dekashop.
» The number of friends you can add in the messenger increased from 30 to 50 max.
» Nerfed the Incar Magicians. - Cool down for buff items decreased. : From 5 to 3 secs and from 60 to 30 secs.
» Other minor bugs eliminated
» The bug where damage doesn’t show when a magical attack goes off.
» Physical Resistance reduced by damage through magical attacks is not applied. - Before: Defense and Physical Resistances were reduced by damage. - Now: Only applies to Defense. » The bug where damage doesn’t affect certain defensive powers when some monsters are attacked has been eliminated.
» Monsters Added: - 13 New Monsters added. - One Boss Monster added. - The Boss Monster Balance for Dead Front has been increased. » Three Boss monsters added. - Tyrant Rudney - Tritone - Emperor Badz » One boss monster in Pilgrimage Space added. ============================================================================ Skills ============================================================================ » Some skills’ efficiencies for Summoners have been increased. » New Skills added. - Auxiliary (Dual) - Auxiliary (Shield)
» Characteristics (Common) - Divide Spear (97 Lvl): Three consecutive attacks.(Defeat chance increased while abnormality is applied) - Stun chance for hard hits is increased. You’re forced to be rolled back, Stunned, when damage is done above a certain level in respect to one’s maximum strength. Defeat can occur even with a small amount damage when Stun probability is increased.
» Balance adjusted for dual wielding.
» Attributes added to Master lines for Mace and Axe skills.
» Balance adjusted in Master skill line. - Sword line - Axe line - Mace line - Dual line
» Balance adjusted in auxiliary skill line. - Dual Advance(20 Lvl): Skill acquiring level adjusted from 52 to 20. » A bug in the fixed critical probabilities for skill level-ups has been eliminated.
» Increasing effects towards Defense Power added. » Shield Mastery(16 Lvl): Skill acquiring level has been increased from 3 to 5.
» The error in the accumulative number for stat resetting has been fixed for Azure Knight Class Skills.
» New items added. - Fire Storm’s Ove - Badz’ Gold Ring - Badz’ Indigo Ring - Howlight Ring:
» Three New skills added.
» Skill Balance Adjusted. » Skill enacting distance increased.
» Others adjusted. - PK/PvP damage rate increased. - Fishing Mastery skill moved from Attribute tab ============================================================================ DROPS ============================================================================ » New armor drops for all classes.
» Drops of New Accessories for Lvl 130+

have fun! ^^

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