Tuesday, 25 March 2008

I'm still a Noob -.-

Finally I get to know what's it, how to do it, and why is it so important to have 'link' with each other. Well, Blogger world is not a lonely space, where you work and share with yourself. Told by my friends when he visited my site and notice some shortness of the blog.

Sometimes, I really wonder who is the one reading my blog thus far.. Well, I've come to know that we can actually track down our visitor. Gonna learn more about this since I'm now seriously wanna make a good blog like how others do. It's not that easy I realised, however with persistence and patience, I believe I can do the best =)

Just this afternoon when we have time to discuss about blog, I realised that so many things can be done other than just purely writing to share something with peoples out there. Well, I'm not pro in this field yet although has been quite a long time here in blogger's world. I do admit that I didn't take serious effort in building it as what my friends did. They make their blogs to be so famous and nice not only in contents, but also a network of friends they've built. Besides that, they can generate some benefits from blogging, to make it into real life money.

Maybe this sharing has already been known to many bloggers out there, but it's something new to me. I'm learning to build a good blogsite since they're willing to share more about this to me =)

It's time for me to add some links, and to build a network of friends in this bloggersphere. Just shout in the chatbox if anyone of you who visited here wanna to have a link exchange, I'd gladly link your blog to my site! ^^

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