Friday, 28 March 2008

Hackers and Botters

Big changes recently occurs in my guild in 2 Moons Online Games. It used to be a very active guild, with more than 80% of the peoples online all the while. It is the longest guild I've ever joined, because it is really a good one compared to those I've joined previously.

Since last few weeks, My guild leader started to be not as active as before. This happens to subguild leaders as well. Left over are some active players with mid-high level and few high level in the guild. From what I've heard so far, the guild leader and few of them are waiting for the Big Patch, scheduled in 31st of March, where there's a very big changes in the game. The changes include new map, new anti-hack system implementation, anti-bot program (well, non-official news about this, we shall see in few more days how it works out), new skills, new pet-system, new quests, siege war is finally activated, and many others more.

Apart from waiting for the Big Patch, there're numerous factors that lead to inactive state of many real human players. Well, I believe you know what I meant now. ya, Bot and Hackers are all around the map now. It is just too easy to detect hackers using all sorts of hacking skill around. This has created an unbalanced and very unhealthy atmosphere among players. It really kills the interest and enthusiastism of many real players out there. I Believe this is the most important factor why people are now quiting the game. If I'm GM, I'll just make one round each day and that's totally enough to ban up to 20 players who use hacks. Feel sad for this good game, but poor administrative control over this issue.

Spam around the town areas, and has recently spread to other maps in the game as well, is another source of players, especially newbies, to quit the game, even before they could enjoy this game. Just imagine, spam all around, and it's impossible for you to ask for help ot simply asking a question is making newbies too difficult to survive, unless there're friends beside them to provide them guildlines. Acclaim has made every effort to draw more new players to the game by promotion, giving out prizes for those who invite their friends to join, new items for newbies, etc... but have you ever think of the atmosphere in the game? I would say that all these gonna be in vain if the atmosphere in the game is not favourable for them.

All after all, finally what we are waiting, are now scheduled to be in 31st of March. This is the only remaining hope for us, if not, me to continue to stay and support this game. No doubts, it is a great game, but has been invaded and almost ruined by all those botters and hackers. As promised by Acclaim, there will be a big changes in this coming patch. Well, we do really hope that all these illegal plays will be set to an end!

I believe this is the only way to attract all the former players back to the game. Most importantly, they are all real players! This is not a game created for bots, but players, human! Acclaim might receive all good incomes from these bots initially, but the long side-effect is just devastating as more and more real human players will leave the game as the days passed. And finally when there's not much players left in the game, no one else would spend real money into this game anymore... I really don't want to see this day comes.

Of coz, it is not easy to set perfectly everything in this Big Patch. But what we hope is to at least make botters and hackers a history of the story of the game.

Just my 2 cents. Have a nice day! =)

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