Sunday, 17 February 2008

Winter Holiday

Winter Holiday finally comes!! I believe all of us have been student before, and you just can feel my excitement and freedom after the last paper! ya, a 3 weeks holiday started last week!!

Well, I've few plans in this holidays. First of all is to clean up this messy room and rearrange all my files and documents into its appropiate place. I've planned to visit another city nearby here with my groupmates... still in planning, not sure whether it can be carried out or not.

I heard there's a Chinese New Year Concert here this year. Well, if it is true, it will be the very first time we've such event. Looking forward to it, and will join if there's a chance!

Besides that, I've planned to use more time into my computer's game! =D believe or not, I can spend up to 15 hours a day just for it! Not too engrossed into it, just feel like wanna have funs inside the game. =D

k, till here, it's dinner preparation time. Cya soon all!

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