Monday, 3 March 2008

CNY concert + Party

How do you celebrate your Chinese new year?

As a student at oversea, I couldn't celebrate together with family for almost 5 years. It is a totally different feeling when you celebrating such festival without family members around. Especially during my very first time here, I celebrate alone in my room, what a pity man!

But when you mingle around more, you'll find friends who are also celebrating this festival without family members for many years. Instead of being alone, we've come out with this CNY celebration+party night! Organised by Chinese students' association CSA, this event has been carried out very successfully and almost all of us feel the warmth in foreign land.

We'd many events that night. Small show of lion dance, video clip on how CSA forms, musical dance, special performance by Eric Chow, magic show presented by Micheal L., Latin dance, Lucky draw, etc... The food provided was nice, and we'd a great chance to taste the chinese food, prepared by students here, tasted great!

Although it was the first time such event being carried out here, I think it was quite a success. If possible, I hope every year we do have this kind of plan, cherish out and mingle around with friends, sharing our stories, work out together for performances, just have so much funs!

The event started at 7.00pm and ended about 11pm. Tho it was a tired for me, but it's worth it after all, to have a wonderful and unforgetable night! =D

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