Friday, 11 January 2008

Bots Manifestation

Bots manifestation recently increases in this game. From rarely seen to now almost hardly you cannot find them everywhere. They had made this game unfair especially for those who just started to enjoy their new character.

Someone might ask what is bot? Bot - a automatic system created by someone who intend to make it control over the in-game character by itself, without real human control, in order to gain experiences and items. They are fully automated system, from buying to storing to killing and collecting, all done by system, not human.
Well, compared to human, this system will never get tired. They will hunt endlessly as long as the owner set it automated.

Many players have complained over this isssue, and i hope Acclaim GM and VGM can carry out their jobs more regularly, not to just warning, but banned on sight when bots are detected. Another way is to implement a system, where once bots are detected, they are straight away removed from the system. Actually there're many good suggestions by players in forum, implementation is just a time matter i hope.

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